Willed Body Program

John I. Clark, Ph.D., Director

Mavis Carpio Montgomery, Program Operations Manager
(206) 543-1860
Annual Ceremony and Burial Service, September 25, 2015

One of the most generous gifts a person can make is to donate their body after death to medical education and research.  The Willed Body Program at the University of Washington provides such an opportunity for the public to contribute to this urgent need in the education of medical doctors, nurses, dentists, and other health professionals such as physical and occupational therapists.  Your donation will play a critical role in helping health professional students to master the complex anatomy of the human body and will allow medical researchers to develop and maximize important tools to help their patients.  The study of human anatomy is an essential element in the training of health science professionals and is one of the first and most important courses in their program of education.   It provides a basis for future courses such as medicine, surgery, pathology, and clinical courses and is a vital tool to increase knowledge of anatomy and to improve practical skills.

Donations may be in use for up to 3 years in our program, after which time cremated remains are buried at the University of Washington plot at Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery where we hold an annual memorial service to thank our donors for their priceless contribution.  Alternatively, cremated remains can be returned to the family for burial.   Thank you for your consideration of this special program. The need is great and ongoing and your gift will be valued and honored. 

University of Washington, School of Medicine

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